Date:January 22, 2021
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In First Three Weeks of January LWC Paid More than $251.5 Million

BATON ROUGE - In the third week of 2021 the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) has paid $84.9 million to the State’s unemployed and underemployed individuals. So far this year, Louisiana has paid more than $251.5 million across all Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs.

The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), passed Congress and was signed into law in the spring of 2020, with extended unemployment provisions expiring on December 26, 2020. After the expiration of the CARES ACT, new legislation, the Continued Assistance Act (CAA) was signed into law on Dec. 27, 2020.

CAA instituted a myriad of new provisions related to unemployment benefits including mandatory identification verification for all claimants. LWC has devoted 80 additional staff to ID verification. Since January 8 to date, that staff has cleared more than 16,000 identity issues.

Simultaneously, the Louisiana Workforce Commission continues to vigorously fight fraud and identity theft. LWC has stopped more than 60,000 cases of suspected fraud and is working closely with state and federal partners on on-going investigations.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain Louisiana’s workforce and our local economies, LWC is committed to providing aid to all qualified individuals during this difficult time,” said LWC Secretary Ava Dejoie.

LWC strongly encourages all claimants to monitor their HiRE accounts closely ( and to utilize its online resources to reduce hold times and resolve claim issues whenever possible. Claimants should be sure LWC has the correct and current email address. We also encourage claimants to answer No Caller ID calls.

Here are some tips for claimants:

Use one email per claim: We use your email and HiRE account inbox to communicate with you. It's best to create and use your own unique email address.

Update us as things change: Send us documents showing an address or name update that matches the information on your claim

Upload identity verifying documents: Upload front and back of requested documents (driver’s license/state ID) to your HiRE account. Uploading a Selfie holding your driver’s license/state ID and Social Security Card helps too.

Make sure that your banking and/or financial institution is correct in HiRE

About the Louisiana Workforce Commission

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is an agency of state government that administers programs designed to enhance workforce growth and provide family-sustaining jobs for Louisiana residents. The commission monitors employment, administers unemployment compensation and tax funds, provides training resources for employers and employees, and oversees worker compensation benefits. The agency also gathers and supplies information on the labor market and occupational sectors in Louisiana.

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