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Occupational Forecasting Conference

An important role of the Workforce Investment Council (WIC) is directing the Occupational Forecasting Conference (OFC). The Occupational Forecasting Conference projects job growth and develops information on the needs of current, new and emerging industries for the workforce development planning process at the statewide and regional levels. The Occupational Forecasting Conference identifies information that is critical to the budgeting of state resources for workforce development.

Revised industry forecasts through 2024 were approved by the OFC in May 2017. This information includes:

  • Occupations that will need the most workers
  • Fastest-growing industries
  • Details by region
  • Average wages by occupation
  • Educational and training requirements

Revised Long-term 2026 Projections approved by OFC and WIC
Occupational Projections for all Occupations

Short-term 2019 Projections approved by the OFC and WIC
Occupational Projections for all Occupations

About the Occupational Forecasting Conference
OFC members are appointed by the governor. They include:

Erin Monroe-Wesley <More info>
Governor John Bel Edwards' Designee

Kenneth Burrell <More info>
Louisiana Workforce Commission Secretary Ava Dejoie Designee

Renee Citron <More info>
Louisiana Community and Technical College System Designee

Camille Conaway <More info>
Louisiana State University

Todd McDonald <More info>
Workforce Investment Council

Dr. Robert Newman <More info>
Louisiana State University

Louis Reine <More info>
Louisiana AFL-CIO

Susie Schowen <More info>
Louisiana Economic Development Designee

Alvin Williams <More info>
Louisiana AFL-CIO

Dr. Yu Hsing <More info>
Southeastern Louisiana University