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Helping Individuals Reach Employment
New features for employers
With our upgrade on Feb. 9, 2014, HiRE makes it easier for employers to fill open positions with hard-working, passionate individuals.

New Features and Enhancements

Application Questions

Application question enhancements allow you to tailor your application to fit your business needs perfectly.
  • Flag questions as required
  • Assign a preferred answer to "Yes" or "No" or multiple choice questions.
  • Filter applicants based on responses
Additional Question 1 Additional Question 2

Enhanced Job Orders
Job Orders are now more detailed and easier to manage.
  • New fields for criminal history requirements and work-at-home availability.
  • Options to update skills on job orders and to save a job order as a template.
  • Filter multiple worksites on the "Job Orders" tab.
  • View incomplete job orders with the job order filter.
HiRE Filter image

Other Employer Enhancements
These enhancements make your everyday experience with HiRE much easier and more manageable.
  • Message individuals directly.
  • Use pre-set NAICS codes for employer registration.
  • "Favorite Candidates" in summary and detailed views.
  • Access "Your Rating" link on the "Job Applicant" tab.
    HiRE Rate Image
HiRE Search Image
  • Use resume keyword search options, including "exact wording," "all of these words," and "one or more of these words."
HiRE Search Criteria image
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