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Helping Individuals Reach Employment      Just got better.

New Capabilities. Improved features. Refined enhancements.

Beginning Sunday, Feb. 9, our web-
based job seeker and employer services
will be updated with many new features
and enhancements. Take a closer look
at some of the new design and
performance enhancements to make
your job search faster, easier and more

Log into HiRE.
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User Personalization

Personalize your job seeking experience with
new widgets for My Personal Profile,
Assessments and Unemployment Services.
Plus you can link inernational addresses and
phone numbers to your registration.
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Job Order Upgrade

View job details with the Occupation Information section, making it easier and more convenient to narrow down your job search. You'll also see new sections on the Job Order Display page:
  • Education and Training
  • Work Experience
  • Skill Required
  • Job Required
  • Nature of Work
  • Location/Work Site
  • Compensation and Hours

Career Ladder

Graphically view your professional pathway
with the Career Ladder tool! This feature
visualizes the job position you are in or
applying for and produces a comprehensive
career plan. Career Ladder is now available
from the Job Order, Occupation Profile and
Career Explorer tabs.
HiRE Career ladder image

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Job Search Enhancements

Find more precise jobs in these new sections:
Advanced Job Search, Quick Search and Skills
Search tabs.
  • Interests
  • Work Values
  • Workplace Skills (WorkKeys)
  • Jobs Updated
  • Jobs Posted
  • Exclude Keywords
It's now easier than ever to locate a displayed job
with the new map view in the "How We Can Help
You" resource page.

Application Status and Skill Matching

Want to know the status of your application?

Track the status of your job application after you have applied online. View the date a job was created and modified,
and compare how your skills match up to jobs listed in the Skills Comparison section.
HiRE Skills image

Resume Enhancements

The Resume tool, one of the most effective ways of building your resume online, now makes it faster and easier to land the job you want! Highlight your skills and attributtes in the tools and technical skills secion of the Resume Wizard. Do you have multiple resumes? With HiRE's new resume enhancements, you can update every resume simultaneously, and reorder your references. The Resume Wizard even displays the distance to a job location.

With new features you can:
  • Include recipients in cc: and bcc: fields to resume emails
  • Upload and attach your resume when sending via email
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HiRE employment history image

Social Media Sharing and Imports

Brand yourself better than before with HiRE's new social media enhancements! Share job orders and details on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get even more job search results with the option to obtain job results from social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter!

You can also save time and import your resume employment and education history directly from your LinkedIn profile.

Educaton and Training

  • Updated provider and programs detail screens
  • Filters for ALISON online training course list (can be accessed within My HiRE online)
  • Addition of training programs listing to your occupational profile
  • More links to education programs and providers throughout your applications
HiRE Program listing image

HiRE Veteran services image

Redesigned Service Pages

Add newly redesigned service pages as mini widgets to your home page and use them to customize your job search.
  • Veteran Services
  • Youth Services
  • Senior Services
  • Disability Services