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Date:December 21, 2010
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Louisiana Workforce Commission Quickly Implementing Federal Extended Unemployment Compensation

BATON ROUGE The Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) is making the federal extension of unemployment compensation benefits fast and easy for the 4,570 claimants immediately affected by the federal law approved Friday.

The new law does not add more weeks of benefits, but it does extend the filing deadline to apply for the federal EUC benefits until January 2012. The maximum amount of time that anybody in Louisiana can receive unemployment benefits remains at 73 weeks.

Eligible claimants who exhausted their state-funded regular unemployment or Tier 1 or Tier 2 by the week ending Dec. 18, 2010, will be moved automatically to the next level of benefits without having to call the LWC. Claimants should still continue to file weekly claims for benefits online or through the call center.

Eligible claimants who file EUC claims by 4 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 22, should expect to have their benefits deposited by Friday, Dec. 24.

Anyone who exhausts regular unemployment benefits on Dec. 25, 2010, or later will need to file a new claim online or through the LWC Customer Call Center, 1-866-783-5567.

The LWC cannot automatically process claims for missing weeks for claimants who have experienced a gap in benefits because of the break in the federal EUC program. Any claimant who experienced such a gap must file their claim to receive those benefits.

Beginning today, Tuesday, Dec. 21, claimants can file online at for prior weeks of EUC that they qualify for as far back as the week ending Dec. 4, 2010.

To claim weeks prior to Dec. 4, claimants must call the LWC call center, 1-866-783-5567.

Claimants who exhausted regular UI benefits between Nov. 27 and Dec. 18 will be able to file for back weeks of EUC until Jan. 14, 2011. After that date, the LWC will resume normal weekly filing requirements.

The federal law did not extend the $25 FAC payment, which ended on Dec. 11, 2010.

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