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Date:June 14, 2012
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LWC Introduces Revamped Labor Market Information Website
Learn which jobs are in the most demand and what they pay

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has revamped its website to provide game-changing labor market intelligence to assist job seekers and employers like never before.

The new Labor Market Information portal, at, takes visitors to the most robust labor market intelligence LWC has ever offered. A new set of tools helps visitors sort, analyze and understand a trove of data.

“Our LMI site provides unmatched Louisiana labor market intelligence so our customers can make better decisions,” LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink said. “Whether you’re an individual looking for a new or better job, an employer looking to grow your business, or an education administrator deciding what courses to offer, these easy-to-use new tools will empower you to succeed.”

The site identifies and details the fastest growing in-demand occupations by region, education requirement and salary. The site provides labor force data and latest long-term projections, employment and wage trends, population and demographics, employment information by industry, as well as information about training programs and unemployment claims.

“Job seekers, employers, economic developers, educators, trainers, researchers, reporters and our workforce partners told us exactly what kind of information and data they need,” Eysink said. “We revamped the site to answer their questions in the most efficient, dynamic way possible.”

Other enhancements include customizable reports by region and projection year, charts comparing regions and industries or average weekly wages, as well as the ability to view occupations by education requirements. Users can also sign up for email alerts and receive electronic notification when new or revised labor market information publications are added to the website.

The LMI site also houses the newly redesigned Growing Green web portal that includes a job bank of environmentally responsible careers and Louisiana's Occupational Information System, or LOIS, a web portal that gives a snapshot of the state’s economy, job market and businesses. The site contains LMI resources, such as the popular Workforce At A Glance Bulletin, along with archived reports and statistics.

Find the LMI site, the Growing Green portal and many other services at

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