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Date:June 29, 2012
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LWC Offers Tips to Youth Workers and Employers
New Application to Employ Minors Form now available

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has some helpful tips for youths looking for a summer job and for employers with work opportunities, and it starts with a visit to the agency’s website,

There are hundreds of summer employment opportunities, part-time jobs and internships available across the state, many of which are listed by businesses on the LWC’s Louisiana Virtual One Stop or LAVOS web portal.

LAVOS provides youths with job search options, the ability to post and create a resume along with other career resources. The site also offers employers the convenience of posting job vacancies online, searching for employees and helpful workforce and labor market information.

“Summer employment provides youths with exposure, social growth, new skills and more importantly a chance to gain real-world experiences on the job that will benefit them throughout their careers,” LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink said. “LWC is ready to help businesses hire our state’s next workforce generation.”

Employers who hire minor workers must complete the required Application to Employ Minors Form. This recently revised form can be found on LWC’s website, under downloads. Also on the site, businesses will find the needed forms and information about Louisiana child labor laws as well as information on apprenticeship programs and opportunities.

Employers can receive federal tax credits for hiring “disconnected youth,” defined as individuals ages 16 to 24 years old who have not been regularly employed or attending school and who meet certain other requirements.

All minors age 14 to 17 years old must obtain an employment certificate before starting work. For the minor to receive a certificate, the prospective employer must first complete the Application to Employ Minors Form, which also must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The completed form, along with proof of age, must be presented to an authorized issuing officer of the parish, typically a school board or high school. The youth must take the original certificate to the employer.

Certain hourly restrictions exist for minors, so it’s important to discuss these restrictions with the issuing officer. You also can refer to LWC’s Employment of Minors informational booklet available online or upon request.

The LWC helped 219,000 people get jobs last year. For more information about LWC’s no-cost services and resources, or for more facts on youth employment, visit

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