Date:May 24, 2013
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Federal unemployment benefits to be reduced
State unemployment benefits are not affected

Unemployed individuals who receive federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation will have their benefits reduced 16.8 percent each week starting June 2 as a result of Congressional budget cuts approved earlier this year.

The cut, which will be around $30 a week for a typical recipient of these federal benefits, will affect an estimated 5,300 people. Each recipient is being notified individually of the exact amount of the reduction in their benefits.

The vast majority of people who receive unemployment benefits in Louisiana will not be affected because their benefits are funded by state taxes paid by Louisiana employers.

“These cuts are not being imposed by the state of Louisiana. We are simply implementing federal requirements approved by Congress as part of its budget sequestration measures in the Budget Control Act of 2011,” said Curt Eysink, executive director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

EUC is a temporary benefit created by the federal government during the recession that provided federally funded benefits to the long-term unemployed after their state unemployment benefits run out.

The LWC is working aggressively to help the unemployed get back to work. They are required to use employment services from the LWC, including skills assessments and development, job search and placement services. The agency also provides information on labor markets and high-demand, high-wage jobs, training opportunities for those jobs and, for those who qualify, financial assistance for training and support services so that they can afford to get training.

Louisiana’s job market has been outperforming the national and southern job markets for well over two years, creating more opportunities for the unemployed to return to work, particularly those who are willing and able to enroll in training or retraining.

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