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Date:June 18, 2013
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WIC approves revised occupational forecasts, enhanced Star Jobs app

The Louisiana Workforce Investment Council this morning approved revised occupational forecasts that show Louisiana will need nearly 78,000 new workers each year through 2020 to fill all of the jobs that are expected to be available.

The revised employment forecast projects 14.6 percent job growth in Louisiana from 2010 to 2020, an annual growth rate of 1.6 percent that is higher than the national forecast rate of 1.5 percent and also higher than prior forecasts for Louisiana.

The WIC, an appointed panel of mostly business leaders that advises the governor and the LWC on Louisiana’s workforce needs, also approved the state’s first-ever short-term forecast that projects 2.2 percent annual job growth through 2014 for Louisiana.

In other business, the WIC also approved an update to the LWC’s Louisiana Star Jobs online and mobile app for exploring careers and finding high-wage, high-demand jobs and training, and it accepted a report on a plan by special task force to deliver the workforce needed for a coming industrial construction boom.

“The data is clear: there are and will continue to be plenty of jobs available to Louisiana residents,” LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink said. “Our community and technical colleges and other training providers are already gearing up and there are more opportunities than ever to get the education, training and certificates necessary to qualify for the state’s highest rated jobs.”

The WIC on Tuesday also voted to strengthen the formula used to rate occupations in Louisiana Star jobs, which assigns star ratings based on an occupation’s outlook and wages. The ratings previously factored long-term outlook, wages and current job openings, but now also factor in the short-term forecast data. Star Jobs is located here.

“Our best tool for workers searching for jobs and students exploring careers just got better,” Eysink said. “The star ratings now do an even better job of guiding people toward careers that make the most sense. The new mobile app for Star Jobs also means anyone can search for work and explore careers from anywhere on a mobile device.”

The WIC also accepted a plan called “Building Louisiana’s Craft Workforce,” a project of the Craft Workforce Development Task Force. The plan addresses how Louisiana will help fill an additional 86,300 skilled craft job openings needed to build an estimated $60 billion worth of new plants and plant expansions. The plan identifies the various ways the state is increasing its capacity for producing new workers, expanding capacity of its training programs and reaching under-served, under-educated and under-employed pockets of our population so they can receive the training needed to qualify for these new jobs, many of which are four- and five-star rated.

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