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Date:October 29, 2013
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LWC adds workers’ compensation web tool for medical providers

CORRECTED: This update provides the correct web link for medical providers in the 6th paragraph. An earlier version included a link that did not work for all users.

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Workforce Commission has added a web tool for medical providers to access Louisiana’s medical treatment schedule and guidelines for workers hurt on the job.

The new web tool improves and speeds up navigation so medical providers can use the medical treatment guidelines more efficiently. The guidelines ensure prompt and consistent care for injured workers, allowing injured workers to return to work sooner and saving employers millions by reducing court costs and legal fees.

The new web navigation is expected to become a valuable research tool when a variance is requested, or for considering treatment not covered by the guidelines. The tool also allows providers to compare Louisiana’s guidelines with other state and national guidelines.

“Like the medical guidelines themselves, this web tool will improve outcomes for injured workers by ensuring they receive prompt and consistent care,” said Wes Hataway, director of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration. “This new web tool puts state-of-the-art support in the hands of medical providers.”

To access the new web tool, medical providers simply sign in with a password. This helps align diagnosis and procedure codes more efficiently while giving providers access to other crucial decision-making and process-efficiency tools. Learn more about Louisiana’s medical treatment guidelines here.

Medical providers can click here to obtain a temporary password and login.

Find all of the LWC’s resources and tools, including the job search app Louisiana Star Jobs, at

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