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Date:December 17, 2013
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Louisiana’s rate of workplace injuries improves again in 2012

BATON ROUGE – The rate of incidence of injuries and illness among Louisiana’s private industry in 2012 was better than the national average, with 74.3 incidents requiring days away from work per 10,000 full-time workers, compared to 102.3 cases nationally.

“This data clearly shows workplaces are safer thanks to the emphasis Louisiana’s employers have put on safety,” said Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Curt Eysink.

Federal Bureau of Labor statistics show that in Louisiana, sprains, strains and tears were the most common injuries, and the upper extremities were the most commonly affected part of body. Vehicles were the most frequent cause of injuries and illnesses. The majority of injuries and illnesses resulted from overexertion and bodily reaction.

The data comes on the heels of a BLS report last month that estimated the number of nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses among Louisiana’s private sector employers fell by 5.8 percent over the year in 2012.

“Our annual numbers have been improving now for 12 years continuously, so we know employers continue to take effective steps to improve safety for Louisiana workers.”

The state’s private industry incidence rate per 100 full-time equivalent workers dropped to 2.3 in 2012, down from 2.5 in 2011, which ranked second in the nation and distinguished the state as a national leader in maintaining a safe workforce. An estimated 30,600 nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses occurred at private employers in 2012, down from 32,500 in 2011, the BLS reports.

The LWC Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration continues to focus on industries with higher incidence rates including forming the Workplace Safety Task Force and creating the LAWorks Safe Award to recognize businesses that meet high standards for protecting employees and preventing injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Call the LWC toll free at 1-800-201-2497 to request a free OSHA consultation or workplace safety visit. LWC staff also can assist with developing effective safety practices for your business.

The LWC collects workplace safety data in partnership with the BLS and has created a new website where current and archived Louisiana-specific information can be downloaded. Additional state and national data is available on the BLS website in the section on Injuries, illnesses and fatalities section.

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