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Date:December 16, 2014
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New Online Tool Calculates Expenses, Salary and Connects to Top Careers
My life. My way. links living expenses with career choices

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Workforce Commission has launched an online mobile tool called My life. My way. for students, young adults and anyone interested in finding high demand careers that interest them while supporting the standard of living they want to maintain.

My life. My way. is located at and is the latest mobile tool for students and job seekers in Louisiana. It seamlessly flows users into Louisiana Star Jobs, the job search and career exploration tool located at, automatically showing users jobs that pay the salary they need.

“My life. My way. makes it fun and easy to envision the life you want, see what it will cost and connect to the right career so you can afford it,” said Curt Eysink, LWC executive director. “This is a new way to learn what it takes to live life on your own terms and to find the career to make it a reality.”

Users can choose one of three ways to match their choices with top-rated careers:

• The first option allows users to learn how much they need to earn by picking from eight regions in Louisiana and then making lifestyle choices about housing, food, transportation, health care, clothing, entertainment, education, savings and utilities. As these choices are made, My life. My way. automatically builds a basic monthly and annual budget based on the typical costs in the region. Users can then view careers that pay enough to support their choices.

• The second option lets users key in an annual salary and then connects them to careers that pay that at least that amount.

• The third option allows users to pick an occupation and go directly to top-rated career choices.

As part of the career choice view, users can learn more about each career and the qualifications needed to work in that field. They also can learn where to earn the degrees or other credentials needed to qualify and view current job listings.

Find My life. My way. along with Louisiana Star Jobs and other free career exploration and preparation tools and services at


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