Date:February 7, 2018
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Louisiana maintained lowest incidence rate among states for worker safety in 2016

BATON ROUGE – The rate of nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses among Louisiana’s private sector employers remained steady in 2016, according to a federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey.

The state’s rate of non-fatal accidents and injuries has continually decreased over the past 15 years and remains among the lowest rates in the nation when compared to the national averages compiled since 2007.

The rate reported for Louisiana in 2016 leveled to 1.9 incidents per 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers, identical to 1.9 in 2015. The national average was 2.9. Again, Louisiana had the lowest incidence rate among 41 participating states, trailing only the District of Columbia for the rate of nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses. Louisiana has continuously been below the national average since the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration revised its recordkeeping rules in 2002.

“Cultivating safe work environments for all employees remains a top priority in Louisiana, as evidenced by these latest findings,” said Ava Dejoie, Executive Director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission. “We applaud the diligence of our OSHA Consultation team in helping businesses comply with both state and federal safety regulations. Our state has made significant progress toward reducing the number of workplace incidents, and we hope to see this trend continue in the years to come.”

The state’s injury and illness rate showed improvement in multiple industry sectors. Among the leaders:

• Construction - Down 0.4 incidents per 100 FTE workers from 2015.

• Information - Down 0.3 incidents per 100 workers.

• Health care and social assistance - Down 0.3 incidents per 100 workers.

• Arts, entertainment, and recreation - Down 0.4 incidents per 100 workers.

• Manufacturing - Down 0.2 incidents per 100 workers.

• Transportation and warehousing - Down 0.2 incidents per 100 workers.

• Management of companies and enterprises - Down 0.2 incidents per 100 workers.

Louisiana’s 2016 incidence rate was 70.5 per 10,000 FTE workers for cases of nonfatal workplace injuries or illnesses resulting in missed work. Although the state’s 2016 missed work case incidence rate increased compared to 62.3 in 2015, it is still below the national missed work case incidence rate of 91.7 cases per 10,000 FTE workers in 2016.

The most common injuries and illnesses were sprains, strains and tears to the upper extremities caused by falls, slips, and trips. Vehicles were the most common source of cases resulting in time away from work in Louisiana.

The LWC collects workplace safety data in partnership with BLS and has created a website ( where current and archived Louisiana-specific information can be downloaded. Additional state and national data is available on the BLS website ( in the section on injuries, illnesses and fatalities section.


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