Date:May 25, 2021
Contact:LWC Public Affairs @ (225) 342-3035

Individuals Needing Identity Verification for Unemployment Claim Get Time-Saving Aid

Thousands of individuals with pending identity verification issues on their unemployment claims will have those resolved this week as part of the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s (LWC) partnership with federally certified identity verification provider

LWC’s partnership with has expanded to include claims filed prior to May 5, 2021, that still need identity verification required by federal regulations. Individuals with pending identification verification issues will be notified when filing their weekly claim certification on the HiRE site and briefly redirected to’s website to create an account and verify their identity. Claimants should go through this process regardless of whether they have previously uploaded identity verification documents to their HiRE accounts. Once the individual’s identity is verified through, the claimant will be able to proceed with filing for weekly benefits, and the ID verification issue that was pending on the claim will be cleared.

“This latest enhancement to our unemployment claim process aims to help claimants verify their identity quickly and keep their claim moving forward,” said LWC Secretary Ava Cates. “By using the service, information that could take weeks to manually review can be automatically submitted and verified in minutes.”

The automated self-service ID verification process takes about five minutes to complete for the majority of users. Claimants needing ID verification are being encouraged to file for weekly benefits between the hours of 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the event they need additional assistance via video chats with trained representatives on call.

The LWC advises those who choose not to use for identity verification that the minimum review time for their claim will be lengthened by several weeks. is not available if filing for weekly benefits via LWC’s interactive voice response phone system or through Call Center assistance.

Claimants who did not receive an email about the new process from LWC or were not notified during the weekly certification process are not impacted by this enhancement and do not need to contact LWC.

Here are a few tips for successful verification:

• Ensure all documentation is current and not expired

• Create a clear digital copy of your documents

o Match the orientation to the document

o Turn off the flash to reduce glare

o Place your document against a dark background

o Make sure there are no other objects in the photo

o Take the photo straight on, not at an angle

o Your document should fill up as much of the frame as possible without cutting any of it off. All 4 corners should be visible

• Make sure your submission does not contain any errors or typos

• Your phone number must be associated with your name and address

Common reasons for self-service failure include:

• ID document photo may be blurry or shadowed, or otherwise unreadable

• Data sources - like credit bureaus - may have incorrect, insubstantial or outdated information. Common reasons include thin credit files, individuals with name changes and individuals without a permanent address

• Credit history may be nonexistent

• Phone number may not be associated with their name

About ID.Me simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online. The secure digital identity network has more than 41 million members, as well as partnerships with 26 states, multiple federal agencies, and over 400 name-brand retailers. The company’s technology meets the highest federal standards and is approved as a NIST 800-63-3 IAL2 / AAL2 conformant credential service provider by the Kantara Initiative. is the only provider with video chat and is committed to “No Identity Left Behind” to enable all people to have a secure digital identity.

About the HiRE Program

HiRE is the Louisiana Workforce Commission's self-service website that allows individuals to file for Unemployment benefits and search for available jobs in their area. In the last week, there were over 20,000 jobs available through the HiRE site. Employers looking for workers should visit Louisiana’s employment homepage at Click on HiRE (Helping Individuals Reach Employment) and create an account allowing access to qualified job seekers.

About the Louisiana Workforce Commission

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is an agency of state government that administers programs designed to enhance workforce growth and provide family-sustaining jobs for Louisiana residents. The commission monitors employment, administers unemployment compensation and tax funds, provides training resources for employers and employees and oversees worker compensation benefits. The agency also gathers and supplies information on the labor market and occupational sectors in Louisiana.

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