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Benefits Duration Estimator

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These estimates are based on timeframes in the current federal legislation, which may change in the future. Keep checking this web site for any updates.

The calculator below estimates the maximum number of weeks a claimant could potentially receive based on the effective date of the Original Claim (OC)*, AND provided that:

  • they have been claiming full weeks of benefits since the beginning of their claim and
  • there are no breaks in their claim

Please select your Original Claim’s (OC) effective date:
(click on calendar or enter date as mm/dd/yyyy)

 UI Benefits Calculator
Total Number of weeks of benefits you may be entitled to
provided you remain unemployed:
*OC effective date entered :

* An Original Claim’s (OC) effective date is the Sunday of the week in which the claim is filed.

UI = Regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits

EUC = Emergency Unemployment Compensation

To see a chart of additional benefit weeks, click here.