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During this time our call center will remain open for any questions or concerns you may have.
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UI Web Filing

We have listened to your comments and suggestions, as we continue to improve our Wage and Tax Reporting Services. Enhancements you may notice this quarter include:

  • A Fixed File Format Validation Tool will enable you to test the validity or your .TXT File, prior to upload. The tool will provide specific error messages so you may ensure your file properly formatted before uploading. The tool, which you will save to your computer, may be found in the Downloads section at UI File Checker .

  • Manual Filers will proceed to a Review Screen where they may check the accuracy of what they typed and the total wages prior to submitting the file. They will have the opportunity to return to the entry page to make corrections. The 30 minute time constraint will reset as you proceed to next page.

  • All payers will be able to pay the amount due for the current quarter online. A “Make Payment” button will be located at the bottom of the online Wage Report.

  • Payers scheduling EFT payments will be able to choose the day they are filing as the processing date of their payment regardless of the time of day on which they are scheduling the payment.

  • Users with an Agent Login Account may submit wage reports for multiple employer accounts in a single fixed file upload.