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For Employers

Bulletin - Filing Fees

Bulletin - LWC-WC1010 form

Bulletin - LWC-WC1002 form envelopes

Approval of Routine Evaluation and Management Visits/Therapeutic Exercises - Clarifications

Bulletin - CPT Code Update Modification

Bulletin - LWC-WC1002 form Clarification

Bulletin - CPT Code Update

Bulletin - Physical Therapy Approval

Bulletin - Medical Treatment Guidelines and Choice of Physician - Clarifications

Bulletin - Update to Workers’ Compensation X-Ray Codes Reimbursement Schedule

Workers' Compensation Pharmancy Billing Clarification

Medical Guidelines

Advisory Council
Medical Advisory Council
Speakers Bureau
Resource Links

Louisiana Workers' Compensation Educational Conference



Workplace Safety

Disputed Claims

Second Injury Board

Rules and Procedures

Medical Services

Insurance Company Information

Electronic Data Interchange

Workers' Compensation Fraud


[*] If you have additional questions before submitting a request for Workers’ Compensation records, please contact:
          Records Management Section
          Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration
          Louisiana Workforce Commission
          1001 N. 23rd Street
          Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9040
          1-800-201-3457 toll free or 225-342-7565